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  Shipping agency division is a center of management and administration for shipping agency business under Sinotrans GongDong in charge of completely managing the daily operations of every subsidiary in order to seek unity of responsibilities, rights and interests. Making full use of the network advantage of Sinoagent.......[View]
Shipping agency division
Sinoagent GongDong
Sinoagent ShenZhen
Sinoagent Zhuhai
Sinoagent ZhanJiang
Sinoagent NanSha
Sinoagent MaoMing
Sinoagent ChaoZhou
Sinoagent ShanTou
Sinoagent JiangMen
Sinoagent HuiZhou
Sinoagent XingHui
Sinoagent DongGuan
Sinoagent ZhongShan
Mail:division@sinoagentgd.com; agency@sinoagentgd.com
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